I would like to state I have been hiring Rudisill Electric for the past eleven years. I have always been completely satisfied with all jobs performed by Mr. Rudisill – I know of no other electrician I would rather work with or have do my electrical jobs.  He is always very professional and on time, the work is completed as stated, and I am always happy with the outcome of the project.  Also, the work area is always left clean and ready to go.   Again, it is always a pleasure to do business with Mr. Rudisill and his associates that manage the daily operations.  Thank you for your time, and I know you will be satisfied with the work done on your projects.
Mr. Val
Tampa, FL

Rick does good work and he does it at a fair price.  He is honest and trustworthy.  I recommend him to anyone who needs electrical work at home or in the work place.  

Jamie Ellis – Vice President at Ellis-Van Pelt

Tampa, FL


Rick has provided excellent and timely installation and repair services to my properties for about 10 years.  He has installed a whole house emergency generator, installed new main panels in houses, and provided cost effective advice and solutions on a variety of electrical problems in rental houses. 

David Whitehill – Real estate sales/investor

Tampa, FL


We had bought a house built in 1920 but then discovered that there was a great deal of knob and tube wiring present.  The insurance company gave us only 30 days to have it all replaced.  The first electrician we contacted clearly didn’t want to do the job at all – he talked only of all the problems he would run into, then never called back, and didn’t even give us a quote.  The second said he could do it but that we would be responsible for repairing the damage he would have to do to the walls and ceilings.  His quote was also very high.  We asked friends for recommendations and one couple gave us Rick Rudisill’s name.  He had worked on their 1926 home and they were very happy with him.  We called Rick, he came over, crawled all over and under the house, and then gave us an estimate that was considerably less than the other one.  We hired him and have been very, very happy we did.  He worked quickly and carefully, and he repaired any holes or damage he had to make.  He also worked with the city inspector to ensure that the rewiring passed.  We would hire him again in a heartbeat and recommend him without reservation.  The icing on the cake is that he is a very personable guy with a very positive attitude, and his office staff (wife Barbara) was always very pleasant and helpful.
Bill Hunter, Tampa, FL

I use Rudisill Electric because I want good value for my money.  They are honest people doing quality work at reasonable rates.  I have used Rudisill Electric for 17 years for not only my business but also my personal home as well.  Rick is an outstanding electrician whom I totally recommend. 

Steve Ayers of Carrollwood Villages Executive Center, Tampa, FL



I use Rudisill Electric for all my electrical needs as an interior decorator.  I have been using this company for approximately 10 years, and I will continue to use them.  Not only do I have my clients use Rick, but I use him in my own home as well. 

Pat Kelley of Pat Kelley Interiors, Tampa, FL



We have been using Rudisill Electric for 5 years.  We have personally used Rick to wire our showroom, we refer all of our customers to him.  Rick satisfies us and our customers by going out of his way to please our clients. 

Burak and Arzu of Shimmer Lighting, Land O Lakes/Lutz, FL



Rudisill Electric is a great company to work with.  They are reliable, honest, and always get the job done!  Thank you so much for helping us get our new location on North Dale Mabry up and running so smoothly; we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!  Rudisill Electric will always have our highest recommendation!
Dr. Hunter Newsom of Newsom Eye & Laser Center


Rick and Barbara of Rudisill Electric have been a wonderful find for my family.  Our story is personal.  My dad Tom has lived in Land O’ Lakes alone since my mom passed away in 2002 and is slowly losing all the skills he had throughout his 85 years, including doing all his own repairs and carpentry work.  All three children live in other states.  Dad lives fiercely independently and never wants help with anything; however, when a lightning storm passed through, he was without power in four rooms.  He worried about it for several days and was unable to find the problem.  He finally allowed me to call someone for help, and I called Barbara late on a Thursday evening.  She was so kind and caring and told me Rick would figure out a way to get my dad into his already-full schedule the next day.  In the morning, Rick called and told me he would go by my dad’s sometime that afternoon.  Rick went by, fixed a very minor problem in two minutes, and then would not take any payment for his time and trouble.

Dealing with my dad and me in the most respectful and caring way, especially given our circumstances, speaks volumes about Rudisill Electric’s integrity and personal ethics.  I cannot recommend them strongly enough and will recommend them to everyone I know in the Tampa Bay area.

Cynthia Bruner

Fredericksburg, VA


Rudisill Electric represents honesty, quality, and responsiveness.  With 35 years of public service behind me, I can tell you that Rick understands and excels when it comes to customer service!  I have trusted him with my family’s electrical needs for 13 years.  It’s a comfort knowing Rick delivers great work at a reasonable price.  I depend on him to keep us safe from electrical mishaps!

Bob Guidara, Police Major, Lutz, FL


I would hire Rudisill Electric in a New York minute.  Rudisill Electric is honest, reliable, dependable, and reasonably priced.  I have used Rudisill Electric since 1998 and would highly recommend this company to anyone.

Gray Ellis of Ellis Van Pelt, Tampa, FL 


My family and I have used Rudisill Electric to wire our three-story house in Homosassa, to wire our warehouses in Ybor City, and to service our personal houses for years.  When my dad has an electrical problem, he says, “Call the Doctor.”  And Rick shows up promptly.  His rates are reasonable, and he’s very helpful.  Sometimes, Rick can walk me through a problem over the phone which saves me a service call.  He’s good to have around as an electrician and friend.

Joseph Guagliardo


Rick and his company over the past ten years have provided exceptional services to our church and our church family.  Initially, Hillsborough United Methodist Church (HUMC) was in dire need of an electrical resurrection.  The building being over 80 years old was a peace meal of electrical wiring “good intentions.”  Knowing this, the Trustee’s at HUMC contacted Rick to provide quotes and time lines.  To make a long and successful story short, Rick’s work, prices, service time, and integrity was and is truly outstanding and most importantly was within HUMC’s budget guidelines.  To this day, we continue to contact Rick for our electrical needs.  In addition, his name is also passed along to our church family.  It is without hesitation that we at HUMC trust Rick and would recommend Rudisill Electric for servicing your electrical needs.

Woody Bodden, Ph.D., Church Council Chairperson

Hillsborough United Methodist Church, Thonotosassa, FL


This company is a rare find.  It is a real pleasure to have the privilege of working with a company like Rudisill Electric.  I have worked with Rick on both residential needs and commercial jobs over the last 10 years, if not longer.  Rick and Barbara approach their business with honesty and a real desire to provide excellent customer service.  They do everything they promise to do and more.  They also offer expert advice on all electrical needs and will do anything from the most simple to the most complex.  They are professional in every way.  Once you work with them, you will use them for all of your electrical needs.

Peggy Wood

Children’s Urology Group, Tampa, FL


RudisillElectric is the electrical company I trust to work on my home.  Rick is highly trustworthy, responsible, and extremely efficient.  Without a doubt, I would recommend him.  Scott Taylor, Esquire, Tampa, FL   


Whenever I encounter something good, I like to share it with friends and colleagues; so I am writing you.
We had an electrical problem in our home.  I got referrals prior to calling and did my due diligence.  I settled on Rudisill Electric in Land O Lakes.  The source I looked at had 24 positive comments from satisfied customers of the company.
Rick Rudisill arrived at my home on time, looking professional, and immediately took time to listen to my description of the problem.  He asked a number of questions about the situation.  He then proceeded to diagnose the problem which, thankfully, turned out to be minor.  While at my home, he asked permission to inspect light switches and outlets.  He checked each one to make sure it was functioning properly.  He was thorough and explained everything in layperson’s terms so that I was able to understand.  He completed the task in a timely manner.  And then, he charged a very, very fair price.
Should I have any further electrical needs, you can be sure that I will contact Rudisill Electric.  They are a quality, first class operation; and I do not hesitate to recommend them.  They work with residential, industrial, and commercial electrical issues.  If you or someone you know has need for an electrician, I strongly urge you to consider calling them.
Raymond M. Frazier, Registered Representative
Frazier Wealth Management, Land O Lakes, FL


Rick has worked on my personal home for over 5 years.  And since our church got it’s own property in 2004, the only electrician Openwater Church will call is Rudisill Electric.  He is courteous, fair, professional, and always does an excellent job.  I would thoroughly recommend Rudisill Electric for all your electrical needs.

David Towner, Senior Pastor of Openwater Church, West Chase, FL 


When needing an electrician, there is no one we would go to but Rudisill Electric.  Rick has always demonstrated outstanding professionalism, courtesy, workmanship, and integrity.  We are continuously pleased with his work and help.  In these days, it is not easy to find such good character and reliability in the home improvement business.  If you are looking for a tremendous electrician and with no worries…Rick is the person.

Rigo Martinez City of Tampa Fire Captain & Dr. Mary Ann Pellegrino, Lutz, FL 


We live in a 40+ year old home, and we have called Rudisill Electric on several occasions over the last 5 years for various projects.  They are able to accommodate my schedule, give thought to the project at hand before they arrive, and make positive recommendations about our electrical needs.    

Barbara Murphy, Tampa, FL


We have contacted Rick for over 8 years to assist us with our electrical projects in our home.  Each contact we have made with Rick, he has been on time and has completed the work we have asked for in a timely manner as well as completed the work very neatly.  We feel very comfortable with Rick: he is always courteous and very professional.  We would recommend Rick very highly. 

Laney and Keith Jason, Tampa, FL


Rick Rudisill of Rudisill Electric has done several jobs for us during the past couple of years.  The quality of work, availability, and cleanliness are excellent; and his pricing is reasonable.  We continue to recommend him to our friends, and they have all been pleased.

Michael and Cyndi Yates, Tampa, FL


I am a new homeowner and needed some help with the wiring in my house.  I would definitely recommend Rudisill Electric.  They were knowledgeable, efficient, and very reasonably priced for the work they did for me.  In fact, they are now my electricians of choice.

Tom Papadakos, Land O’ Lakes, FL    


Rudisill Electric has been doing my telephone communications and electrical work for both my office and home for more than 3 years.  They provide uncompromised professional services.  On Thanksgiving of 2007, at my residence, I had a major electrical problem:  Rick with Rudisill Electric spent 5 hours with my family to make sure we had our electric working.  He took care of my family as if it were his own.  This is the kind of service everyone needs.

Sam Ferrera of Cheaper Wheels of Lutz, Lutz, FL  


We have used Rudisill Electric for over 4 years.  We highly recommend Rick and his company for any type of work from minor repairs to major remodels.  We’ve had experience with both.  Rick is always up front with his estimates and is very dependable.  It’s nice to be able to count on a company like Rudisill Electric. 

Andrew and Elizabeth Neff


I would highly recommend Rudisill Electric not only for their quality of work but also for the way they treat their clients.  Barbara is a pleasure to speak with and offers great customer service.  Likewise, Rick is always professional, efficient, and reasonable. 

Jennifer Carlstedt 


I want to thank you for a job that was well done.  When I saw how neat and orderly all of the wires and other parts were arranged between the wooden studs, I thought that if they pay attention to detail on work that they are going to cover up with wall board and the customer would never see, everything ought to work just fine.  It does, and I am one happy customer.

Thank you (X-10),

Fuessel V. Bradford, Tampa, FL

Rudisill Electric has been doing our electrical work for over five years.  They are truly excellent and professional in their work product and they provide a crucial service of honest and trustworthy advice which often results in saving us money.  I would recommend them to anyone and frequently do. 

Karen Flynn, Lutz, FL

Business Development Management

MechoShade Systems, Inc. 


Rick just completed work at my home – a new breaker panel and wiring to accommodate a portable generator.  I feel so much better knowing that we will have access to our well in times of power loss!  He was very professional, considerate, and FUNNY!  He is my new “ELECTRIC GUY.”

Eileen Luster


Rick over-exceeded my expectations.  I am very pleased with the recessed lights installed for me.  He met my electrical repair needs in a timely fashion.  I trust him. 

Estrella Woeckner, Tampa, FL


We have used Rudisill Electric for years.  They are quickly responsive to our electrical needs and are very dependable.  Rick is a good family man who uses great workmanship.  We refer all of our friends to Rudisill Electric. 

Captain Roger M. Boh of the US Navy and Allison Boh, New Tampa, FL 


Whatever your electrical needs may be, Rick Rudisill and the Rudisill Electric team are the best!  Courteous, competent, and thorough, they are the complete solution to any electrical issue one may have.  Your safety is of their utmost concern.  They provided us with a rewiring of our electric components as well as some areas of general household wiring, all of which was neat and safe.  We will call upon them in the future for any of our electrical needs.

Rodney Coleman, Tampa, FL 


Rudisill Electric is very trustworthy.  Their prices are always fair, and their workmanship is excellent!  Rick always does everything right the first time. 

Ann Thomas, Land O’ Lakes, FL


I have used Rudisill Electric for several years; I continually call on Rick for all my electrical needs.  They do a fantastic job for a reasonable price.  I recommend Rudisill Electric to all my friends.  I would highly recommend Rudisill Electric to anyone else looking for a job well done.

Sara King, Tampa, FL


Rudisill Electric did the wiring for our kitchen and baths remodel.  Their price was very fair.  Rick is reliable and prompt and followed through with what he said he would do.   Also, Barbara was extremely polite and professional regarding the scheduling.  I will certainly use Rudisill Electric again.

Linda McGee, Tampa, FL


On January 28, 2009, Rick Rudisill of Rudisill Electric removed two old Hollywood fixtures from my bathroom and re-installed two new fixtures that we previously purchased.  In the process of installation, he securely placed on the inside of the drywall two electric boxes.  He repaired and re-painted sections of the drywall which had multiple holes in it.  The bottom line is that he did a perfect job and my wife is now very pleased with the new look.  He arrived on time, worked clean, and took away all refuse, leaving the work area spotless.  The entire job took approximately two hours and the cost for this effort was very fair and similar to the estimate given by Rick over the phone.  I plan to employ this company again the next time I require electrical work and would recommend them to my neighbors and anyone else requiring electrical work. 

Julius Goldhirsh, Land O Lakes, FL


Rudisill Electric has been my choice for our home’s electrical needs for many years now.  They have always delivered quality service.  Rick is punctual, professional, and never leaves a mess behind.  I trust them to provide me with the service I expect at a fair price.  I wouldn’t trust anyone else in my home.  Thanks for all that you do.

Beth Griffey, Temple Terrace


Eight years ago, I needed to have the service upgraded on a rental.  I called Rudisill Electric.  Rick Rudisill did the work and, in my opinion, did an outstanding job; when I decided to get my seventy-five year old house with its mostly original wiring completely replaced, I called Rick.  The house had a couple of rooms that were add ons and had remodeling done over the years which did not present an easy job.  Rick gave me an estimate and a completion date and finished without any problems.  Any areas that needed necessary changes were finished and repaired as he worked through the job.  I would recommend Rudisill Electric to anyone needing electric work, large or small.

It was a pleasure from start to finish working with Rick and Barbara.  I had the feeling from the beginning that we were a priority.  On the several occasions that Rick has done work for us, he has been there promptly as expected, and the work has always been excellent.  Not only is the work everything that it needs to be in terms of safety standards, but it’s obvious that he also cares about the aesthetics of what’s being done as well – the work is beautiful.  I’d recommend Rudisill Electric to family and friends without hesitation.
Linda Cox of Cox Fire Protection, Inc., Land O’ Lakes, FL


Rick is a very good and professional electrician.  He didn’t nickel and dime us, was very flexible, showed up when he was supposed to show up, and gave us a reasonable price.  We were very happy with the service he provided.
Donny and Regina Grisales


We became aware of Rudisill Electric when we had an electrical emergency on a Sunday.  Rick came over immediately and corrected the problem for us at a very reasonable price.  We were impressed with his work and attitude; so we requested that he give us an estimate for additional electrical work.  He arrived when he said that he would, did an exceptional job, and charged a price that we could live with.  We would recommend him and his company to anyone that wants quality service.
Bill and Donna Downes
New Tampa


Rick and Barbara Rudisill are an awesome team.  Since returning to Tampa five years ago, we have used Rick to do all of the electrical work in our home.  They are dependable, fair, honest, and pride themselves on getting the work done timely – not to mention that Barbara does all she can to get you an estimate in advance and to schedule your job as soon as possible.  Thanks, Rick and Barbara, for such great service!  We will highly recommend you to anyone in the future!

Kim and Rocky Ainsworth


I needed an electrician to move a front yard lamp post to a new location.  I was helping my daughter’s fiancee with his landscaping job while visiting her from Ohio.  Since I wasn’t from the area, I wasn’t sure who to use so I decided to check Angie’s List to find an electrician.  I discovered that Rick’s company, Rudisill Electric, had an A+ rating along with many good testimonials so I decided it was the company to call.  His wife, Barbara, who answered the phone, was very pleasant and easy to work with when making the appointment.  Rick’s estimate, which he quoted to me after I described what I needed done, was extremely fair.  Luckily, he was able to come out later that day.  Rick arrived on time and did a beautiful job…quickly!  I would highly recommend Rudisill Electric to everyone and am only sorry that I cannot hire him again to do work for me on my own home.  Thank you, Barb and Rick, for the great job and great experience!

Kimberli Hahn


Rudisill Electric has served our electrical needs for the last 5 years.  We have had Rick replace nearly every light fixture/ceiling fan in our house and have added some where they didn’t exist.  When we were unsure of what needed to be accomplished, Rick Rudiisill always provided sound advice.  No job was too small, and the work was always completed to perfection and reasonably priced.  We have a lot of faith and confidence in Rudisill Electric’s workmanship.  We recommend him highly.

Grant and Tern Johnson

Land O’ Lakes, FL


Thanks for the services.  Rick did an awesome job on the pool electric and took pride in his work.  I would highly recommend your company in the future.
Nathan H.
Land O Lakes, FL


I had Mr. Rudisill install 2 ceiling fans in my home approximately 2 weeks ago.  Mr. Rudisill arrived as he stated he would, and I met him at the front door where he made sure his shoes were clean before entering my home – nice touch.  He then entered, and I showed him where the work was to be done.  He went right to work; and, in less than 1 hour, he had assembled, wired, and hung two ceiling fans.  Both run great!  Mr. Rudisill was very pleasant and wasted no time at all.  It must be noted that I had contacted 3 other electricians in the area, but Mr. Rudisill had the most competitive pricing, and I have the up-most confidence in his work and will be calling him to do additional work in the future.  An excellent electrician!!!!!

Thomas Clark

Land O Lakes, FL


I want to thank you, Rick, for coming out to install my new bathroom fan.  I really appreciate that you come out on weekends – even a holiday weekend – to accommodate people who work.  And the fact that you do not charge more for weekend work is very rare these days.  Now, since I found an electrician that I like and trust, I will be doing some projects that I have wanted to do. Thanks again,



www.TVonWall.com is so appreciative to have Rudisill Electric on our team.  They are always on time, professional, and honest.  If there were an MVP in the electrical field, Rudisill Electric would have our nomination.  They always come through whenever we need them.

Larry Magill

Absolute HD Solutions


We’ve had Rick come out to our home twice, once to run wires through the attic and once to install an electrical outlet behind our television.  Every time he has come out, he has been courteous, friendly, and extremely professional.  He took the time to talk with us about what we wanted done and what we wanted the end product to be, allowing him to provide suggestions to increase efficiency.  I would recommend him to anyone, hands down.
Nicki Montecalvo


Thanks for all your hard work.  It was a pleasure dealing with both you and Barbara.  I’m so glad the Lord brought you both across my path and that now I know I can always recommend a super electrician if asked!  You’ve “lightened” some of the load on my journey of becoming a home buyer.
Fran Kelley


Great service!  Rick fixed a burnt circuit breaker and a main bus bar, only taking a couple hours to complete.  Thanks!
Kevin Bailey


It was a pleasure working with Rick and Barbara.  I appreciate the kindness and generous heart from Rick; he is also well mannered and respectful. This was the first time he did work for us but will not be the last.  If I ever need anything again, I will not hesitate to use Rick.  I will recommend him to everyone I know that needs electrical work.  We are very happy with the service he provided. 

Audra Caynor

Odessa, FL